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Master Magnetics Just Published the Definitive Guide on Rare Earth Magnets: Learn Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About These Permanent Magnets

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Whether you want to buy rare earth magnets or just learn about them, count on Master Magnetics. Their new webpage explores samarium cobalt and neodymium magnets.

CASTLE ROCK, Colo. - June 13, 2022 - PRLog -- Master Magnetics, Inc. is proud to announce their newest webpage: A Complete Guide to Rare Earth Magnets. The strongest permanent magnets for sale, rare earth magnets have a number of applications across a host of industries.

Take neodymium magnets, for example, which are available in a variety of grades, shapes, and sizes. These rare earth magnets are incredibly strong—the strongest in the world, in fact—but still compact. They're most often found in medical devices, satellite systems, printers, speakers, and microphone assemblies. On the consumer side of things, neodymium magnets are used in door locks, garage storage units, and various crafts.

Master Magnetics' definitive guide also explores samarium cobalt magnets, which are highly resistant to corrosion and demagnetization. They have great temperature stability, as well, making them ideal for use in scenarios where the temperature can shift dramatically. Samarium cobalt magnets are most often found in aerospace applications, motors that tend to get extremely hot, defense systems, and technology components like disc drives and sensors.

If you want to take a deep dive on either kind of rare earth magnet, check out the definitive guide. In addition to explaining the advantages and drawbacks of each, Master Magnetics shares a helpful list of factors to consider, so you can decide which is right for your project.

The guide also explores safety and handling, so you know how to prevent property damage and personal injury when handling rare earth magnets. Here's a brief rundown of some of the most important tips:

1. Wear Gloves and Eye Protection: Despite their incredible strength, rare earth magnets are fairly brittle and prone to chipping. Wearing soft gloves will protect the magnets, while safety goggles will protect your eyes should anything chip off. As an added note, always slide the magnets away from each other to separate them, as opposed to pulling them apart.

2. Keep Them Away from Electronics: Especially strong magnets can create voltage ripples that scramble the data on a magnetically stored medium. While this is a rare occurrence, it's best to mitigate it altogether by keeping the magnets away from electronics. The same goes for medical devices like pacemakers since magnets can interfere with their operations.

3. Don't Alter Them: Taking a drill or sander to neodymium magnets is incredibly dangerous because their particles are highly flammable. Instead, just order the magnets in the precise configurations that you need.

For more safety tips, check out the guide.

Where to Buy Quality Rare Earth Magnets

Whether you're in the market for neodymium or samarium cobalt magnets, you can count on Master Magnetics, Inc. Our vast inventory includes blocks, discs, spheres, and rings. What's more, we're happy to accommodate both small orders for individual consumers and bulk purchases for businesses. To request a quote for your next order, start by shopping our collections online.

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