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Playtime Ideas for Creative Kids


SPONSORED CONTENT -- (StatePoint) Playtime is more than just a way to pass the time. For creative kids, it’s an opportunity to build things, express themselves and imagine new worlds and ideas. Here are some fun playtime ideas you can try at home:

Make Board Games

Break out the poster board and craft supplies and encourage kids to design their own board games, complete with tokens, pieces, cards and whatever other elements their game calls for. Whether they construct a game of skill, chance or both, they’ll have fun drafting the rules for their very own game concept. Don’t forget to name and then play the finished creation!

Build a Race Track

For kids who love racing vehicles and building things, a unique new line of track sets lets them make a fun stunt track set right out of the box. They can then add to the fun by upcycling household items to create even more awesome courses. With the Turbo Edge Riders Raptor Racers Track Set from VTech, kids can put an off-road jungle course together with more than 18 feet of starter track. If they need more track for ferocious stunts and daredevil skills, they can recycle and repurpose shipping boxes and everyday objects to build out epic, prehistoric courses. Using the included ruler to measure, they can cut and design the raceway using the building guide or invent their own designs. Plus, the track set can be combined with others in the line, such as the Turbo Edge Riders Rally Track Set and the Turbo Edge Riders Stunt Flight Track Set, for an extreme playset. To find building ideas, visit the VTech Kids website at

Build a Fort

On rainy days, there’s nothing cozier than building a fort using chairs, blankets and pillows. Once the fort is complete, use the space to play pretend, craft, draw, paint or simply bring in a stack of books and use it as a reading nook.

Stage a Talent Show

All the world’s a stage, including the living room or backyard! Transform the space into a theater by setting out chairs and creating a backdrop for the stage using a curtain or mural created by the kids on repurposed fabric or butcher paper. Pick an emcee and encourage everyone to demonstrate a special skill or talent for the audience. Be it yo-yoing, juggling or dancing, make sure everyone who wants one gets a turn.

By infusing creativity into playtime, you can make these experiences more engaging, while having a whole lot of fun.


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