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Front Page PR Announces PR/Social Media Marketing Services for Small Businesses in Arizona

The firm provides affordable PR, social media, marketing campaigns 
for East Valley businesses in Apache Junction, Chandler, Gilbert, 
Gold Canyon, Mesa, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Scottsdale and Tempe, AZ

(PRUnderground) May 21st, 2023, a leading PR firm in the Phoenix area, has expanded its coverage to include mom & pop shops, small businesses, corporate customers as well as the wave of large manufacturing plants that are opening offices and big warehouses in Phoenix’s East Valley.

Front Page PR’s Industries Served – The company serves a wide variety of clients in the aviation, aerospace, manufacturing plants, construction, home improvement, landscaping, HVAC, restaurants, bars, high technology, cyber security, internet, telecom, and data service providers, medical, dental, senior living, solar, renewable energy, home energy audits, tourism and many other types of industries  that sell Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) products and services. In fact, companies that are members of the Apache Junction Chamber of Commerce will receive a 10% discount if they mention this press release.

Front Page PR’s Portfolio of Marketing Services – The public relations firm provides a full portfolio of corporate marketing communications services including: advertising, content marketing, event marketing, media relations, media pitches, industry analyst briefings, PR, press releases, press kits, social media marketing, trade show promotion, building sales and distribution channels, raising money via crowdfunding, equity fundraising and pre-IPO campaigns, setting up speaking engagements for executives and building Search Engine Optimized (SEO’ed) websites.

“Many small businesses including mom and pop shops, that provide services to senior citizens and snow birds, see a significant drop in business during the summer months. Loss of revenue hurts their business and makes it unaffordable and difficult to advertise in leading print publications such as the Apache Junction/Gold Canyon Independent, Arizona Courier News, Copper Country News, PassTime Fun Paper, Territorial News, etc.” said Robert Hoskins, Director of Business Development, Front Page Public Relations. “Most small businesses have never thought about issuing a press release before and are unaware of how affordable public relations can be.”

Hoskins added, “Below we have provided a list of the ‘Top 10 reasons to Issue Press Releases’ in order to help educate small business owners on the benefits of PR and what they can expect when issuing SEO’d press releases.”

Top 10 Best Reasons to Start Issuing Press Releases to Jump Start Sales and Business Development

1. The benefit of a press release is that Google considers them to be a news story, thus they will show up first in the search results, even before published news articles and/or the company’s website pages.

2. The benefit of a press release is that they can be SEO’d with keywords in a similar way to how web pages are designed to be indexed and prioritized by Search Engines. This makes it very easy for customers who are actively searching for products and services by keyword to be able to find companies that issue press releases detailing their products, services and the kinds of business challenges they can solve.

3. The benefit of a press release is that if you do enough of them, you can push the competition right  off the first page of the ‘Top 10’ or ‘Top 20’ search engine results page.

4. The benefit of a press release is that they can contain up to 5 to 10 URL links to a company’s website pages and/or social media channels. Some also allow a free logo, a free video and/or several product photos. This is a great way to feature a company’s products and services and make them easy to find.

An average press release will be picked up by 50  to 100 news outlets, or more if you are willing to pay a higher distribution fee to obtain a larger distribution circuit that reaches more news outlets.

This is very important because a press release with 5 links to a company’s website times 100 media outlet pickups = 500 backlinks to a company’s website, which is awesome for increasing a website’s index ranking score within Google’s search results. Issue 10 press releases over the course of a summer and end up with 5,000 URL backlinks to a company’s web site. And then when the snowbirds return in the fall, Google will be loaded with news stories that will help customers find their business first in the search engine results.

5. The benefit of a press release is the number of potential customers that can be reached for such a small price.

A print publication is limited by its own distribution, which is usually the population of the local town or city served. So for a city/town with a population of 50,000, the maximum distribution of a print publication, newspaper or newsletter can never exceed the population’s size of 50,000 people. Press releases, however, are fed to the entire internet and can reach millions of potential customers based on the SEO keywords utilized.

6. The benefit of a press release is that they are fed to the Internet by something called a Real Simple Syndication (RSS) newsfeed. All search engines love RSS feeds and usually index press releases immediately after they are issued. So the only limit of a press release’s effectiveness is tied to the value of the SEO value of the keywords written in the headlines and the words contained in the release’s body copy.

It is very common for a press release to reach 500,000 to more than 1,000,000 potential customers. When written correctly a press release should be able to reach every single English speaking country in the world. As long as the company has a website or a e-commerce portal they will gain the ability to sell their products worldwide versus to only to a local city or town.

7. The benefit of a press release is that the results of the press release are measured and the results are usually published in a free ‘Analytics Report’ that shows how many readers were exposed to the release as well as the number of readers that clicked on any of the URL links contained in the press release.

Unlike print advertising where there is no proof of how much exposure it obtained, press releases make it very easy to determine how successful the press release was based on the numbers achieved.

8. The benefit of a press release is that they never stop generating business leads.

Unlike a print advertisement, which is limited to the one-time distribution of the publication’s circulation.  A print advertisement in a weekly publication is only good for one week and a monthly publication is limited to only one month. But the readership for press release will last for at least a year or maybe much longer.

9. The benefit of press releases is that they can be used to tell a corporate story or narrative. When customers do a search on a company’s name, it will bring up all of the company’s past press releases, which can detail product launches, products sales, community relation initiatives and many types of financial information for publicly traded companies.
10. The best benefit of a press release, however, is that a company can completely bypass expensive local print B2C publications and even leading B2B trade publications. It allows a business to reach customers directly with company news and sales messages by using the power of search engines. No middle man or gatekeepers can stand in the way of a company’s news being delivered and read by the correct target audience.

How Much Does PR/Issuing Press Releases Cost?

The cost of issuing a press release usually ranges around $250 compared to $500 to $25,000 for a print publication advertisement. It is the most cost-effective marketing tool that a company can utilize. A PR firm will charge a small sum for researching the marketplace, properly positioning the product or service, and writing the actual press release and uploading it to a reputable newswire service.

Combining Press Releases with Media Relations

In addition to just issuing press releases, a PR firm can also build a database of reporters by ‘beat’ or ‘subject matter’ covered. Once a media list is built, our seasoned PR pros can write carefully crafted media pitches and send them to reporters to convince them to write news stories that cover the company’s products, services or business initiatives.

The time and effort needed to generate a news story or feature article is very time consuming, but worth every penny when a story does get published. Nothing looks better framed and hanging in a company’s lobby than a positive article written about the company’s products and services.

Unlike an advertisement, which is paid for, a news story is written by a third-party reporter and delivers a significant amount of credibility and value that will help a company sell its products and services as well as build a leading industry brand name.

Contact Front Page PR to Discuss the Best PR Strategy for Your Company

If your company would like to see what kind of results you can achieve with this very cost-effective marketing tool, please contact Robert Hoskins, Front Page PR, via cell phone at (512) 627-6622.



Robert Hoskins
Front Page Public Relations
Cell: (512) 627-6622

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