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Local Rehab Sheds Light on Codeine Overdose

Greeneville, TN – ReVIDA® Recovery is a local rehab that publishes blog posts educating about opioids, with their latest installment shedding light on all aspects of codeine overdose. Along with education, ReVIDA® Recovery provides a flexible outpatient program including medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

“Codeine is an opioid, often used in treating pain or severe cough in a medical setting. It is about 1/10 as potent as morphine, making it one of the lowest-potent opioids. However, codeine can be used recreationally and illicitly. This is where a codeine overdose can occur. Illicit codeine use is not regulated, and the person is free to use as little or as much as they want. When too much codeine is used, the brain and body become overwhelmed. The central nervous system slows, resulting in potentially fatal consequences,” the article reads.

Signs and symptoms of a codeine overdose can be prominent. A tell-tale sign is a gurgling or choking sound. This is a common sound as the person begins to aspirate on their own saliva or foreign material if they have vomited. Fluid can build up in the lungs, leading to choking and difficulty breathing. Other symptoms of a codeine overdose include a blue tint to the lips and fingernails, stomach cramps with nausea and possibly vomiting, cold and clammy skin, loss of consciousness, and slowed, shallow breathing.

The dangers of a codeine overdose involve life or death because of the central nervous system. It is responsible for breathing, and when it is slowed too much, breathing can stop. The person is no longer bringing oxygen into the body, leading to total system failure. This process can happen faster in those who do not use codeine due to hypercarbia. Hypercarbia causes an increase of carbon dioxide in the bloodstream and is common with opioid use. Combined with a lack of oxygen, it can cause the person to experience life-long complications.

“A codeine overdose is a medical emergency and should be treated as such. Be sure to call for help immediately. Stay with the person and get them to a quiet place if possible. Try to keep them upright and awake, but if they do lose consciousness lay them on their side. If available, administer Narcan® (naloxone). This medication works as an opioid antagonist and will reverse the effects of a codeine overdose. When help arrives, give as much information as you can, including all substances taken. This will allow them to treat the person accordingly,” the article continues.

There are other risk factors that can increase the odds of experiencing a codeine overdose. Some of the most common include having a close family member who regularly uses codeine or other substances, spending time with friends who use codeine, having an opioid use disorder or a previous substance use disorder, engaging in reckless behaviors, experiencing trauma that has not been resolved, going through withdrawal between doses, and returning to use after detoxification. These risk factors do not automatically mean if the person uses codeine they will experience an overdose. These factors increase the risk of developing dependence, which can result in an overdose.

ReVIDA® Recovery has been a leading provider of treatment for opioid use disorders. They offer outpatient therapy with a flexible schedule to fit a variety of work and school schedules. MAT is available through our Suboxone doctors, who oversee every aspect of medication management. ReVIDA® Recovery has seen the benefits of MAT when paired with a therapy program. The staff also consists of caseworkers who can help with housing and job placement.

To learn more about ReVIDA® Recovery, call 423-631-0432 or visit their website.


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