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Texas Breast Center Highlights Age-Related Risk Factors for Breast Cancer

Waxahachie, Texas -

Texas Breast Center, led by renowned surgical oncologist Dr. Valerie Gorman, today released an informative article detailing the correlation between a woman’s age and her risk of developing breast cancer. With breast cancer remaining a leading cause of death in women worldwide, Texas Breast Center aims to foster an informed community equipped with the knowledge needed to detect, prevent, and address breast cancer efficiently. The full article, titled "Breast Cancer Causes: Age Related Risks", can be found on the Center's website here:

According to the article, a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer is intrinsically connected to her age, with the likelihood increasing as she gets older. By the age of 50, most women have at least a 2% risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer in the next 10 years. By age 70, the 10-year risk jumps to around 4%.

Several factors contribute to the strong link between age and breast cancer risk, including cumulative estrogen exposure (longer exposure to estrogen from starting early menstrual cycles or experiencing late menopause can increase risk), genetic mutations (mutations accumulate naturally over time, increasing the chances of normal cells becoming cancerous), and immune system decline (the body’s ability to detect and destroy abnormal cells decreases as part of the aging process).

The article also examines how certain reproductive milestones correlated to age can influence risk. Early menstruation, or beginning periods before age 12, results in longer lifetime estrogen exposure. Late menopause – reaching menopause after age 55 – leads to longer cumulative estrogen exposure. Having a late first pregnancy, for example, having the first full-term pregnancy after age 30, provides less protection against breast cancer. Additionally, never being pregnant results in more lifetime menstrual cycles and uninterrupted estrogen exposure.

“Understanding how age impacts breast cancer risk allows women to take a targeted approach to prevention and screening,” said Dr. Gorman. “While some risk factors are out of our control, focusing on what we can control – like maintaining a healthy body weight and getting regular screening mammograms – is key.”

Texas Breast Center encourages all women, regardless of age, to conduct regular self-exams and schedule annual clinical breast exams after age 20. Mammograms are recommended starting at age 40, with continuing screening at an interval determined by a woman’s individual risk factors. Any new, persistent changes in the breasts should prompt an immediate discussion with a physician.

Early detection plays a pivotal role in improved outcomes, providing women with more treatment options and a five-year survival rate of nearly 99% for localized breast cancer. Texas Breast Center’s compassionate, dedicated team stands ready to provide personalized guidance and state-of-the-art screening, diagnostic, and treatment services to women throughout each stage in their fight against breast cancer.

To read the full article on age-related breast cancer risks, visit For more information or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gorman and her team, call 469-800-9830.

About Texas Breast Center

The Texas Breast Center is a frontrunner in providing breast cancer treatment in Texas. Under the stewardship of Dr. Valerie Gorman, a board-certified breast cancer surgeon and the Chief of Surgery and Medical Director of Surgical Services at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Waxahachie, the center provides advanced, individualized treatment plans for patients diagnosed with breast cancer. The dedicated team of professionals is committed to empowering patients with the necessary knowledge and presenting them with the best treatment options that cater to their specific needs. For more information, please visit


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