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Electric Car Safety In Stormy Weather: Lightning Risks & Prevention Guide Launch

EV Accident Pro, an online information resource exploring topics related to electric vehicle (EV) safety, has released a guide detailing the risks associated with lightning strikes and offering measures that owners can take to protect both themselves and their cars.

While electric vehicles are designed to withstand lightning, this natural phenomenon can still cause significant harm should it hit the car directly, especially when the vehicle is connected to the electrical grid during charging, the latest guide says.

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As Ev Accident Pro explains, lightning strikes on automobiles are usually rare, as the most common targets are tall objects, with buildings and other structures being at higher risk of being struck. Cars, including EVs, have some built-in protection, with their metallic structure redirecting the electric energy of a lightning strike around the vehicle's exterior and into the ground.

However, despite its efficiency, the design is not entirely foolproof: a lightning strike can still be dangerous if it's direct and forceful, causing fried electrical systems, battery malfunction, and even fire. As such, Ev Accident Pro recommends readers several steps to ensure their EV's safety:

1) In the event of a storm, the most secure location is inside the electric vehicle with the windows closed.

2) EV drivers need to find a safe place to pull over, switch off the engine, and prevent contact with any metal components, preferably keeping hands in their laps, while the storm lasts.

3) Vehicle occupants are advised to stay for at least 30 minutes in the car after they last hear thunder.

"These precautions will lower your chances of getting hurt if lightning strikes your car," the guide says. "Keep in mind that while you’re inside the car, you’re shielded by the vehicle’s frame, which works as a Faraday cage."

After the thunderstorm has ended and after ensuring that everyone in the car is safe, Ev Accident Pro advises drivers to carefully examine their car for any visible signs of damage, such as scorching or melted components. Should they suspect that their vehicle has been hit by lightning, they should refrain from touching any electrical component and contact a professional for an inspection of hidden damages tp confirm its drivability.

"Additionally, keep an eye out for any odd electrical activity or warning lights on your dashboard. These could be signs that your electric vehicle’s electrical system has been damaged. In these situations, the safest thing to do is to have a professional inspect and fix your car," the guide adds.

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