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CreatorsAGI Inc Launches Platform Empowering Creators with Authentic Generative Interactions

By: Prodigy
05/13/2024, BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON // PRODIGY: Feature Story //

CreatorsAGI, a leading technology company, is excited to announce the launch of the CreatorsAGI Platform, enabling creators to build AI Companions that reflect their authentic wisdom and personality. Through Authentic Generative Interaction (AGI) - AI conversations preserving the creator's voice - the platform revolutionizes creative expression and human-AI collaboration. Users and Creators of all types can experience the platform today at

Authentic Generative Interaction represents a groundbreaking form of creative expression, serving as the gateway for AI to become a new medium and format of interaction. Authors, bloggers, AI Persona developers and creators with all types of content can now set up AI Companions for themselves and their works. Users can experience the unique wisdom and personalized advice from the creators they love, collaborate with creator-built AI companions on a wide variety of topics and even role-play to brainstorm on difficult subjects.

"We envision a world where AI assistants reflect the authentic content, wisdom, and personality of creators, enabling genuine and credible AI conversations," says Joseph Sirosh, founder of CreatorsAGI Inc. "Our platform enables a new form of creative expression - Authentic Generative Interactions - which will revolutionize human-AI collaboration, enabled by the wisdom of the deep thinkers of our world."

The CreatorsAGI Platform functions as a two-sided marketplace where authors and creators can build companions using an authoritative content base of their own. Creators get dedicated AI companions with their brand, webpage and AI persona, and can set up monthly subscription pricing for users. Users subscribe to the creator and get access to all the AI Companions that she has built. With a subscription revenue share model like other online platforms, creators earn revenue while facilitating true, authentic, and fact-based conversations.

Users of the CreatorsAGI Platform gain access to a vast array of personas, crafted by knowledgeable authors, offer great wisdom and utility in a multilingual, globally accessible format. Users log in and have personalized AI conversations, with the ability to bookmark, copy, paste, and share. All such conversations are secure and private, and not shared with the creator or third parties per the privacy policy.

For authors and thinkers with a large body of existing work, a big benefit of CreatorsAGI's platform is the potential to rejuvenate and sustain sales of existing works. By building interactive AI companions for these works, creators can get global reach, and the AI supports interactive conversations in over 100 languages. Creators can now differentiate themselves in a crowded field, build engaged and retained subscribers with direct monetization, and immortalize their persona through AI.

“As a mentor to thousands of career professionals, I've always wished I could say yes to every request for guidance,” says Shelmina Abji, author of the book Show Your Worth. “With ShowYourWorth.AI, built on the CreatorsAGI platform, I can now provide personalized keys to career success anytime, anywhere. Whether you're just starting out or aiming for the C-suite, this AI co-pilot offers the wisdom from my book, continuously updated content, and insights from industry experts. I'm thrilled that this technology is allowing me to uplift and empower even more individuals to unlock their true potential."

"As we navigate the intricate web of online marketplaces, the essence of success lies in understanding and leveraging the dynamics of network effects, strategic scaling, and the pivotal role of trust," states Shirish Nadkarni, the visionary entrepreneur behind the seminal work, "Winner Takes All." He further elaborates, "With ShirishNadkarni.AI, we are revolutionizing how entrepreneurs engage with such complex concepts. This platform is not just an extension of my insights; it's a dynamic, interactive guide that empowers marketplace founders to dissect their challenges, strategize with precision, and architect marketplaces destined for dominance. It's about transforming the wisdom encapsulated in 'Winner Takes All' into actionable, personalized strategies for marketplace innovators worldwide."

Josiah Contreras, CEO of Collaborative Dynamics, emphasizes: "CreatorsAGI allows for the next evolution of our world-class AI personas. We see this as an opportunity to change the way people engage with AI, creating a new medium for deep and meaningful interactions. This collaboration is not just about technology—it's about crafting a future where every interaction with AI is as enriching as it is authentic. This enables creators to connect with their audiences on a profound and impactful level. We are excited to build dynamic and personalized educational journeys for a global audience.”

CreatorsAGI invites everyone to explore the rich world of AI Companions on their app, engaging in deeply immersive, rich and authentic conversations. Through the CreatorsAGI Platform, creators and users alike can contribute to the growing ecosystem of Authentic Generative Interaction.

About CreatorsAGI Inc

CreatorsAGI, founded by AI thought leader Joseph Sirosh, is committed to amplifying creators through Authentic Generative Interaction as a new medium and format for reaching and engaging their audience. By fostering AI conversations that preserve and amplify the inherent authenticity of creators, CreatorsAGI envisions a future where Generative Interaction serves as the next groundbreaking medium and format online.

Visit today to discover the limitless possibilities of AI companions and experience the power of Authentic Generative Interaction.

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