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Randy TheNewsGuy Talks on the Forte Growth Podcast on Using PR for SEO

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04/29/2024, Chagrin Falls // PRODIGY: Feature Story //

In a recent episode of the Forte Growth podcast, Randy Rohde, a distinguished digital marketing and SEO expert and the founder of a thriving digital marketing agency, shared his profound insights on the strategic use of press releases for business growth. Rohde, known for his deep understanding of the digital landscape, detailed how effectively tailored press releases can propel businesses forward, especially those in niche markets, in e-commerce, or offering local services.

Randy Rohde owns 38 Digital Market, a leading digital marketing agency known for its innovative and effective solutions.
Randy The News Guy

38 Digital Market is recognized as a dynamic digital marketing and web design agency focused on delivering tailored business solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. It has carved a niche in providing innovative digital strategies that cater to the evolving needs of modern businesses.

38 Digital Market offers various digital marketing services, including PR Writing, SEO (search engine optimization), social media marketing, content creation, and web design. It prides itself on its ability to combine these services to help businesses enhance their online presence and achieve significant growth in their respective markets.

According to Rohde, press releases are essential for constructing a robust link-building framework and elevating brand visibility through eminent news platforms such as AP News and Digital Journal. He emphasized categorizing press releases into three types: SEO-focused, pivotal for enhancing keyword rankings and domain authority; viral, designed to broaden organic reach dramatically; and feature article placements, meticulously aimed at specific industry publications.

Rohde advocates for regularly issuing press releases to solidify a business’s credibility and expand its digital footprint, which he notes is vital for maintaining a healthy SEO profile. He suggests that effective press releases should not only announce significant updates such as website modifications or new services but also be strategically linked to various site pages to distribute SEO advantages optimally.

One innovative strategy Rohde recommends is leveraging platforms like PDF-sharing sites and Google Sheets to prolong the effectiveness and reach of press releases. For local businesses, he highlights the significance of integrating geo-relevant keywords and embedding Google Maps in releases, which can substantially enhance local search engine rankings.

The digital marketing expert also differentiates between the impact of viral and conventional press releases. While viral releases focus on crafting head-turning headlines that capture and engage a broad audience, conventional releases aim to consistently build and reinforce a brand’s authority and presence in a targeted manner.

Rohde underscores the need for quality writing, comprehensive press release distribution networks, and robust post-release support when selecting press release services. He insists that a tailored approach, ensuring content is both brand-focused and SEO-optimized, is crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of press releases.

Rohde’s strategic insights reaffirm that press releases are invaluable tools in the arsenal of digital marketing. They are essential for boosting online visibility and strengthening brand credibility in today’s competitive markets. With a thoughtful approach, businesses can leverage press releases as standalone tools and as integral components of broader digital marketing, SEO, and public relations strategies.

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Randy Rohde owns 38 Digital Market, a leading digital marketing agency known for its innovative and effective solutions. With years of SEO and digital marketing expertise, Rohde has helped several businesses achieve significant visibility and growth.


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