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What Is Medicare Part C Plan? What Does It Cover?

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Medicare Part C plan, also called the Medicare Advantage plan, is a facility that offers a variety of plans with numerous benefits. The benefits covered under this section are the same as the ones covered in Medicare plans, part A and B but with some additions.

If one applies for the original Medicare, parts A and B will be included. Part A consists of the ones that are concerned with hospital services. On the other hand, part B is the one that will consist of outpatient medical services.

What is Covered Under Medicare Part C?

If one talks about the coverage of Medicare Part C, it includes the facilities that are part of normal life. Some everyday activities that are included in this plan are:

Medicare Coverage for Inpatient Care

Impatient care mainly means that one is admitted to the hospital. There are some common acts of daily life that are included in part A of Medicare.

- Impatient Care in Hospital

- Inpatient Care in Skilled Nursing Facility

- Hospice Care

- Home Health Care

Medicare Coverage for Outpatient Care

Outpatient care services are the one that mainly includes observational services like lab testing and X-rays, covered under Medicare part B. If one chooses medicare part C then also they will surely get some facilities including:

- Lab tests and X rays

- Durable medical equipment like walkers and the wheelchairs

- Ambulance services during an emergency period

- Visiting the doctors

- Mental health services

- Prevention tests and vaccines

Is It Reliable to Choose Medicare Part C?

There is not just a single form of Medicare available. A person who is planning to take Medicare advantage should, first of all, analyze the available options. Then based on his requirement and the specific facilities a plan offers, he can choose the best one. In the current era, people go for Medicare part C as it provides trust and reliability.

The facilities available in Medicare part C will help one choose the right option. First, one needs to compare the benefits of various options and then finally go for the one that is more beneficial than the other option.

Sara Routhier, Senior Director of Content at, lists specific points that one needs to consider:

- If one has the option to change their location

- Is the medication have any coverage in the plan formulation

- The monthly premium amount

- The cost of the coverage. The amount can be annual deductible one

- What are the various services that are offered by the specific plan

- Treatments that one might have to take due to the problems they are facing in life

What is the Costing of the Medicare Advantage Plan?

There is no specific cost that they have to pay for the Medicare part C plan. There are various options available, and based on the option one selects, there will be variations in the amount they have to pay for the specific plan.

- One might have to pay a deductible. It is mainly the amount they must pay before their plans begin to pay.

- There might be a co-pay for the doctor's visit. It is mainly the flat fee that becomes due during the visit.

- A share of the lab services must also be paid by them and also the medical equipment.

- If there is any monthly plan premium, then they must pay for the same.

- They also must pay the original Medicare part B monthly premium

-  Additional coinsurance if they motivate providers outside their plan network.

What Are the Various Options That One Can Change in Plan?

When a person plans to take the Medicare plan, he has a basic question: can he change the plan? The answer to this question is yes. One can easily change the plan within a year if they have eligibility for the same.

1.      Annual Enrollments Periods

The Medicare annual enrollment period occurs every year from 15 October to 7 December. In this option, one can make the required changes before 7 December.

2.      Special Enrollment Periods

Some periods are even the particular enrollment plan based on the time he selects. Getting the details in advance will help them in making the right decision.

Pros of Medicare Part C

Choosing Medicare Part C offers various benefits to the person applying for the same. Some common pros will be available for the users who will choose this plan:

- All the coverage that one wishes to have is covered under the single plan and is available

- The cost can be lower than the original Medicare

- Help to pay for the premium if they qualify

- Prescription drug coverage

- All the benefits of plan A and plan B are included in plan C of Medicare.

- Extra benefits that are included in the coverage like vision, hearing, dental, and wellness programs.

- It offers coverage for the services that are not even included in the original Medicare.

- Most of the time, Medicare plan C even offers their clients prescription drug coverage, which is mainly part of Medicare part D.

- Caps out-of-pocket expenses

How to Get the Enrollment Done for Medicare Part C?

Just having the detail on the benefits included in Medicare part C is not enough. One must have complete details on how to get the enrollments done for Medicare part C. One needs to qualify for the plan in respect of some specific options.

- Have eligibility for the Medicare

- Have the enrollments in Medicare A and B

- Living in a place that is within the service area of the plan

- One is not facing any end-stage renal disease


Medicare Part C is a form of optional insurance plan that greatly benefits the person who applied for it. The benefits the applicant will get include the ones covered in original Medicare and others that are a must.

Most people interested in getting coverage for drugs can opt for the option. The plan's cost varies based on the benefits you wish to have from the plan. Make a proper analysis of the situation and then only finally choose the best option.

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