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Milly Ng, World Renowned Body Rejuvenation Specialist, Offers a Patented & FDA Registered Class II Medical Device, the BRS Microcurrent Globally

The BRS Microcurrent is a portable non invasive medical device, and it comes with an easy to learn protocol that helps create an instant repair to the body, be it chronic pain or an acute injury. It repairs the body in a way that Stem Cell Therapy cannot, and it is available for doctors and  practitioners to purchase globally in addition to the many clients who visit Milly Ng at the Huntington  Body Rejuvenation Centre, Beverly Hills. 

Milly is a direct mentee of Dr. Thomas Wing, the inventor of the Microcurrent device, who also  invented the pager which he later sold to Motorola. With the insights of Dr. Wing's teaching and  the vast clinical experience from her practice utilizing Microcurrent since 1991, Milly developed different  protocols for individual conditions, a lot of which were thought to have no cure. 

(Ms. Ng) Milly creates online training + interactive video training on request to make sure that the medical professionals who purchase and use the BRS Microcurrent can replicate the instant positive effect the device is famous for; reversing hearing loss, reversing hair loss, reversing joint deformity,  instant repair of joint damage in lieu of medication or surgery. 

The BRS Microcurrent is assembled in the USA. 

BRS Microcurrent, FDA registered 510(k) Class II Medical Device  

1. US Patented for Reverse Hearing Loss. 

2. Relieves the intractable pain of Sciatica and Migraines within days by uprooting the cause of the pain instead of treating the symptoms alone all without surgery or medication.. 

3. Repairs joint damage, such as torn ligaments or cartilage non-surgically. 

4. World’s 1st Instant Reverse Joint Deformity Machine. Eg. Non surgical correction of bunions.

In her Beverly Hills practice, Milly assesses and then builds a customized recovery plan for each client so they understand the most effective way to take care of their body after the Cell  Regeneration Process of the BRS Microcurrent treatment and can get back to a Normal Pain-free Life as soon as possible.

5 Star Reviews Include: 

“Milly, words cannot express how grateful I am to have found you . I did an even more thorough  treatment on my jaw, chin, under jaw glands, gums, this morning, and it is a miracle, 20 years of  infection just opening right up and evaporating, and my clarity, joy, sense of smell, energy, all  coming back like i remember as a teenager! I also did the jaw treatment again on my client's wife,  her infection similar to mine, and serious. This machine is like a medical intervention. It is a  microcurrent surgery. I agree, it is a very good deal. Organ regeneration / revitalization is very  exciting....” Truth Calkins, Medical Practitioner who Purchased the Device. 

“I suffered from painful ankle and knee problems for over 10 years. These chronic problems often  restrict my daily activities and sometimes immobilize me. Milly was able to identify the cause of my problems in the initial session. She applied appropriate treatments using the microcurrent  technology. After several treatments, I was able to do a single leg stand on tip toes on my left leg which I was not able to do before”  Cathy Wong  

“Hi Milly, to speak the truth, when I paid for your workshop, I found it very expensive. Not now, I felt it was absolutely deserving! Your workshop is one of the most valuable lectures I have ever attended. I learned a lot from you even though I have 40 years clinical experience! Most  importantly, with your Microcurrent machine and your special technique, my patients recovered so  quickly and greatly, totally out of my expectations! Thank you so much!” Dr. David Young 

About Milly Ng and the Huntington Body Rejuvenation Centre, Beverly Hills, California 

Milly Ng is a world renowned body Rejuvenation Specialist who has worked in London, Sydney,  Hong Kong, and is now located in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.  

Book an appointment with her to understand more about this wonderful device or one can simply purchase it now to experience what she calls ‘instant results!” Practitioners who offer this device to clients can create an additional cash stream of income to help grow their business exponentially. 

According to Milly, “Let's make the world a better place to live by treating everyone on this planet  with this happy machine, the BRS Microcurrent!”

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