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Liuyu Town in Pingyi County: Addressing Three Challenges in Environmental Sanitation and Creating a New Chapter for Beautiful Rural Areas

In order to promote the improvement of rural environmental sanitation, Liuyu Town has taken multiple measures to carry out the “great cleaning, great rectification, and great improvement” action for rural living environments. Focusing on the challenges of improvement, paying close attention to sanitary blind spots, and mobilizing enthusiasm and spirits, the town has continuously sounded the clarion call for the improvement of living environments, transforming the appearance of villages.

In the process of environmental sanitation improvement, the town emphasizes enhancing the ideological awareness of cadres and the masses. The town party committee incorporates the concept of refined management into the work of rural environmental sanitation improvement, aiming for comprehensive and efficient management of village environmental sanitation, transitioning from extensive to refined management. The town is divided into six responsibility zones according to the grid system, with two members of the leadership team responsible for each zone, ensuring comprehensive coverage and clear boundaries, without any gaps or overlaps, and continuously consolidating and strengthening the “big grid” pattern of urban environmental sanitation management.

In the environmental sanitation improvement work, the town focuses on implementing targeted measures and formulating practical rectification plans to address existing problems and shortcomings. Continuous efforts are made to maintain and repair environmental sanitation facilities, with a focus on garbage bins, cigarette collection devices, the “five piles” in front of houses, weed-infested ponds, silted-up waterways, toilet signs, and facilities. The aim is to enhance the living environment and ensure convenient and safe travel for residents. Grid personnel and public service positions are organized to strengthen publicity and guidance, fully leveraging the exemplary role of party members, cadres, and volunteers. Through the hanging of banners, posting of bulletin boards, public service advertisements, distribution of leaflets, and displaying slogans and banners, residents are educated about the importance and significance of environmental sanitation improvement, enhancing their awareness and participation in environmental protection.

A long-term mechanism of “daily cleaning + weekly comparison + monthly assessment” has been established. The responsible leaders lead teams to randomly inspect the six working areas in the town, entering backstreets and alleys to concentrate on addressing persistent problems such as hidden garbage, illegal advertisements, and chewing gum in the village. They provide guidance on uncivilized behavior in key public areas of the villages, effectively and timely resolving outstanding issues such as delayed sanitation and numerous blind spots.

Today, the countryside boasts clean and tidy roads, elegant and pleasant environments, and residents enjoying a peaceful and prosperous life. A new chapter of a beautiful rural area is gradually unfolding. In the future, our town will continue to deepen the environmental sanitation improvement work, striving for higher standards, stricter requirements, and more practical measures to create a new chapter for beautiful rural areas.

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