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How Bitdeer Technologies (NASDAQ: BTDR) Sets Itself Apart From The Competition

SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / November 9, 2023 / Bitdeer Technologies Group (NASDAQ:BTDR) stands as a relatively lesser-known but potentially disruptive force in the world of bitcoin mining, offering a suite of solutions and strategic investments that cater to the complexities and demands of the sector.

As investors pursue emerging opportunities within this rapidly evolving market, understanding Bitdeer's operational strengths and commitment to innovation provides critical insight into its investment potential.

Historical Context And Bitdeer's Leadership

Bitdeer, founded to serve the rapidly growing Bitcoin mining community, has set up operations in various locations around the world, including Singapore, the United States, Norway and Bhutan.

Bitdeer has historical roots in the Bitcoin landscape. One prominent figure in this history is Jihan Wu, the Chairman and founder of Bitdeer. Furthermore, his effort in translating Satoshi Nakamoto's white paper into Mandarin marked a significant step in the industrial development of Bitcoin mining.

Bitdeer's Competitive Edge

In the Bitcoin mining sector, Bitdeer exhibits a variety of qualities that meaningfully differentiate it from competitors:

  • Commitment to Research and Development: Bitdeer reports it allocates 25% of its workforce to R&D, emphasizing its innovation-first strategy.
  • Unique Business Model: Bitdeer has the traditional self mining and hosting business lines, but unlike many of its publicly traded competitors, Bitdeer has a cloud computing product that sells hashrate to retail consumers.

    This is empowered by its patent-pending, in-house developed technology Cloud Hashrate, which allows Bitdeer to not only collect revenue upfront - covering the capex for computing hardware - but also generate revenue from these contracts months into the future. This is also Bitdeer's highest gross margin product.

Furthermore, the company's focus on financial prudence can be observed in its infrastructural cost efficiencies, with Bitdeer reporting that it has one of the lowest infrastructure costs in the industry at $140,000/MW for air-cooled data centers as per its latest investor presentation.

Position In The Mining Landscape

In Q2 2023, Bitdeer reported a 5% YoY increase in revenue at $93.8 million, surpassing competitors like Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc. which recorded $82m. The increase was primarily attributed to its bolstered self-mining hash rate and improved hosting capacity.

Bitdeer also reported adjusted EBITDA of $19m, though Marathon and Riot Platforms, Inc. pulled ahead with $26m and $24m, respectively. However, some critics have pointed out that Riot's reliance on issuing common stock for financing raises concerns about equity dilution and future shareholder value.

On the hash rate front, while Bitdeer achieved 21.3 EH/s, it was slightly outperformed by Marathon's 23.1 EH/s. According to J.P. Morgan, however, Marathon Digital Holdings is "the largest operator but has the highest energy costs and lowest margins." To BitDeer's advocates, the company appears to be lower risk in this regard, as it owns its operational infrastructure and can exact more control over its costs.

When assessing valuation metrics, according to Bitdeer's most recent investor presentation the company's EV/Revenue ratio was 1.1 as of 10/13/23, in contrast to Marathon's 5.4 ratio at the same time. In terms of EV/Adjusted EBITDA, Bitdeer's 5.4 as of 10/13 is modestly competitive, especially when compared to Cipher Mining's high of 18.9. This data could be construed as evidence that the stock is undervalued compared to peers.

The company's expanded self-mining endeavors seem to show a strategic alignment with market trends. Additionally, Bitdeer's announcement of a share repurchase program seems to further signal its commitment to enhancing shareholder value.

Bitdeer's Eco-Friendly Global Data Center Services

Bitdeer's extensive international presence is underscored by its 6 data centers spread across regions like North America, Europe and South Asia. As of July 31, 2023, these centers collectively boast an 895MW aggregate electrical capacity.

A testament to Bitdeer's environmental commitment is its recent collaboration with Bhutan. Partnering with Bhutan's sovereign wealth fund, it harnessed the nation's carbon-free hydroelectric potential, reinforcing its dedication to sustainability and pursuit of a lower marginal cost of energy.

With a focus on both expansion and ecological integrity, Bitdeer ensures that 54% of its energy sources are carbon-free (as of September 30, 2023), with plans to further decarbonize in the future This seems to demonstrate a harmonious blend of business growth and environmental stewardship.

The Road Ahead

Bitdeer has indicated its ambition to double its capacity by 2025. Such an objective requires continued dedication to technological advancement, strategic foresight and capital efficiency - attributes that Bitdeer seems to be demonstrating.

Ultimately, Bitdeer Technologies represents a unique convergence of leadership, strategy and technological prowess in the Bitcoin mining landscape. Its strategic approach, commitment to R&D, and financial prudence could make it an entity worth watching in the Bitcoin landscape.

Featured photo of Bitdeer's mining data center in Tennessee by Snowy Peak Films.

Robin Yang

SOURCE: Bitdeer Technologies Group

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