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Royalty Management and ASP Isotopes Interviews to Air on the RedChip Small Stocks Big Money(R) Show on Bloomberg TV

ORLANDO, FL / ACCESSWIRE / November 24, 2023 / RedChip Companies will air interviews with Royalty Management Holding Co. (NASDAQ:RMCO)(NASDAQ:RMCOW) and ASP Isotopes Inc. (NASDAQ:ASPI) on The RedChip Small Stocks Big Money® Show, a sponsored program on Bloomberg TV, this Saturday, November 25, at 7 p.m. Eastern Time (ET). Bloomberg TV is available in an estimated 73 million homes across the U.S.

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Royalty Management:

ASP Isotopes:

Kirk Taylor, CFO, of Royalty Management appears on the RedChip Small Stocks Big Money® Show on Bloomberg TV to provide a corporate update. RMCO targets industries and businesses undergoing significant transformations, uncovering undervalued assets with potential for development and growth. RMCO's unique approach enables it to identify assets that are underutilized, undeveloped, or at a critical juncture in their life cycle. To exploit these opportunities to the fullest, RMCO employs a variety of proven acquisition structures. These include real estate and asset acquisitions aimed at generating additional royalty and revenue streams, purchases and leasing of patents and intellectual property, and strategic partnerships with companies that possess existing portfolios of real estate, royalties, and/or patents. Each acquisition is viewed as a unique opportunity by RMCO, requiring a tailored strategy to unlock its full value.

While traditional royalty companies prioritize profit above all else, RMCO balances profit and benefit. Their long-term financing strategies consider factors such as job creation and environmental impact alongside stakeholder and shareholder returns. With over three decades of combined experience in royalty companies and IP licensing opportunities, the team at RMCO is well-positioned to ensure the stability and long-term security of their operating partners' businesses. RMCO has a robust pipeline of hundreds of opportunities, many of which have been evaluated over the last five years. With over 75% of its targeted assets in North America and a US-based technical management team, RMCO presents a low geopolitical risk. They provide a financial structure that not only paves the way for success but also minimizes dilution to shareholders.

RMCO provides an opportunity for investors to own a company that values sustainable growth and responsible stewardship of resources. Their unique approach to identifying undervalued assets and their commitment to balancing profit with social and environmental impact set them apart from traditional royalty companies. With a strong track record of successful acquisitions and partnerships, RMCO is poised for continued growth and success in the ever-changing business landscape. By investing in RMCO, investors not only have the potential for financial gains but also contribute to creating a more sustainable and responsible future.

Also appearing on the RedChip Small Stocks Big Money® Show this week is Paul Mann, Chairman & CEO of ASP Isotopes. ASP Isotopes' advanced technology platform leverages 20 years of R&D history to enrich isotopes in varying levels of atomic mass. Its innovative technology will enable the company to manufacture a diverse range of isotopes, which will meet the growing demand in the Nuclear Medicine and Green Nuclear Energy industry. Favorable long-term market trends are expected to drive long-term secular industry growth, and recent geopolitical events have created high urgency for companies and countries to search for reliable sources of isotopes.

ASP Isotopes successfully acquired two incomplete ASP plants in Pretoria, South Africa, and obtained the required licenses from the nuclear regulators, including the Non-proliferation Council of South Africa, to complete construction of the plants and produce commercial product. Cold commissioning of the first manufacturing plant, capable of enriching light isotopes, was completed in Q1 2023, and ASP Isotopes entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with a North American customer for the entire offtake of the Company's first light isotope plant. The Company intends to enter into "take or pay" style offtake agreements with customers and expects to be a leading supplier of non-nuclear enriched isotopes by 2028.

ASP Isotopes has secured multiple supply agreements, including a 25-year agreement valued at up to $27 million per annum with BRICEM (Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Engineering Metallurgy) to supply highly enriched Molybdenum-100 (Mo-100); a multi-year agreement with a Canadian company valued at $3.8 million per annum for Carbon-14 (C-14), the most frequently used radiolabel healthcare; a $9 million supply agreement with a US customer for a highly enriched isotope - customer made a $900,000 prepayment during Q3 2023 with commercial deliveries anticipated beginning in Q1 2024; and an MOU for High Assay Low Enriched Uranium (HALEU) - $30 billion of HALEU demand expected based on initial discussions with customers.

About Royalty Management

Royalty Management Corporation is a royalty company building shareholder value to benefit both its shareholders and communities by acquiring and developing high value assets in a sustainable market environment. The model is to acquire and structure cashflow streams around assets that can support the communities by monetizing the current existing cash flow streams while identifying transitionary cash flow from the assets for the future. For more information visit

About ASP Isotopes

ASP Isotopes Inc. is an advanced materials company dedicated to developing technology and processes to produce isotopes in multiple industries. The Company employs proprietary technology, the Aerodynamic Separation Process ("ASP technology"), for the production of all isotopes. The Company's initial focus is on producing and commercializing highly enriched isotopes for the healthcare and technology industries. The Company also plans to enrich isotopes for the nuclear energy sector. The Company has isotope enrichment facilities in Pretoria, South Africa, dedicated to the enrichment of isotopes of elements with a low atomic mass (light isotopes).

There is a growing demand for isotopes such as Silicon-28, which will enable quantum computing, and Molybdenum-100, Molybdenum-98, Zinc-68, Ytterbium-176, and Nickel-64 for new, emerging healthcare applications, as well as Chlorine-37, Lithium-6, and Uranium-235 for green energy applications. The ASP Technology (Aerodynamic Separation Process) is ideal for enriching low and heavy atomic mass molecules. For more information, please visit

About RedChip Companies

RedChip Companies, an Inc. 5000 company, is an international investor relations, media, and research firm focused on microcap and small-cap companies. For 30 years, RedChip has delivered concrete, measurable results for its clients. Our newsletter, the RedChip Small Stocks Big Money® Show is delivered online weekly to 60,000 investors. RedChip has developed the most comprehensive service platform in the industry for microcap and small-cap companies. These services include the following: a worldwide distribution network for its stock research; retail and institutional roadshows in major U.S. cities; outbound marketing to stock brokers, RIAs, institutions, and family offices; a digital media investor relations platform that has generated millions of unique investor views; investor webinars and group calls; a television show, "The RedChip Small Stocks Big Money® Show," which airs weekly on Bloomberg US; TV commercials in local and national markets; corporate and product videos; website design; and traditional investor relation services, which include press release writing, development of investor presentations, quarterly conference call script writing, strategic consulting, capital raising, and more.

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