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How This Mom’s MS Diagnosis Inspired a Line of Clean Skincare Products.

Natalie White was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in July of 2014, and credits the diagnosis with saving her life. Her husband Mitch had been running a health foods business at the time and they already believed in a “clean living, clean eating” lifestyle, so she began a search for how to treat her symptoms naturally, without the aid of medications – which didn’t promise a cure. They quickly found The Wahls Protocol, a book by Dr. Terry Wahls, M.D., which detailed a revolutionary ketogenic nutrition plan to treat chronic autoimmune conditions.

Dr. Wahls, a committed athlete, was so disabled by rapidly advancing MS that she was in a tilt/recline wheelchair when she began experimenting with nutritionally dense foods to treat her condition. Her book detailing a seemingly miraculous recovery, clinical trials, a therapeutic lifestyle clinic at the Veteran’s Administration and cookbook followed. For Mitch and Natalie, adopting the keto-based diet were similarly life-changing.

Natalie was virtually bed-ridden with pain, fatigue, brain-fog, migraines, and tingling for a year before a full blown relapse had her unable to walk without falling. She had slurred speech and impaired vision. Scared and exasperated, Mitch carried her into the ER were an MRI revealed clusters of lesions were covering portions of her brain and spine. Her neurologist confirmed that it was indeed MS. “He said, ‘There is no cure. Here's a pamphlet of all the drugs available that may help slow the progression of the disease; pick the drug cocktail that you want to start with, and let's see if you like them,” Natalie recalls. He also prepared her that a wheelchair would be in her future as she continued to decline. That was eight years ago; she was just 42.

“The Wahls Protocol absolutely worked for me,” said Natalie, “We changed our food immediately, going completely organic and zero preservatives. That was the beginning of our real clean eating, clean living lifestyle,” Natalie says. Within days she began to feel better. “Within a week, I was able to walk and talk and my brain fog was lifting, Mitch and I looked at each other in disbelief.” They continued exploring “toxic free living” to include other products with which they surrounded their lives. Within six months Natalie had reversed 90% of her symptoms.

During this period of discovery Natalie found that, “the average woman places 515 toxic chemicals on her body every single day.” Skincare isn’t regulated like food is, so she found it difficult to find natural skin-care products that worked and she felt confident in using. “I knew that whatever I was placing on my body was going directly into my blood stream.”

Already making delicious food for her body, she began creating delicious skin food recipes to feed her skin. At 44, she launched be well company skincare.

“I wanted to give people clean products that would deliver outstanding results immediately,” Natalie explains. “I am out to change the misconception that natural skincare doesn't work.”

Most skincare products contain water as one of the first 3 ingredients, which ultimately causes mold, and explains why they’re loaded with preservatives. be well company products are made fresh with zero preservatives in their home studio. “Our ingredients are real, recognizable and as close to nature as possible.” Retail demands a 24-month shelf-life, so be well company went the opposite direction and chose to sell exclusively online making it fresh and direct to the consumer.

She calls herself “the Skincare Chef” and seeks to inspire everyone to make one healthier choice today and feel amazing in their skin at every age. She chooses superfood ingredients for the products that create an “entourage” effect, working synergistically together to magnify their properties. She only uses USDA certified organic food grade ingredients, explaining, "You shouldn’t have to Google what’s in your skincare,” she explains. “Most skincare products, even ones claiming to be natural, include known toxins. It's scary to think that we've been doing this to ourselves for years.” The body filters the food we put in our belly, but the skin does not have those same filters. She adds; be well company products are “literally food for your face.”

In May, be well company celebrated its 5th birthday and has doubled every year to become a robust, seven-figure business. Since Covid, it’s been a challenge sourcing ingredients from around the world with the specific properties Natalie desires for her recipes. Still, no obstacle is too great for a couple that vanquished a seemingly “incurable” disease, and their goals are as boundless as their energy.

Ultimately, the Whites envision the business expanding to include a be well company wellness center that shares the lifestyle choices and food they used to reverse Natalie’s MS symptoms and techniques they’ve made part of their own lives. “It will be the kind of destination where you are drawn to be, a place to feel inspired, discover something new, or find healing” Natalie says. And, it’s a vision for which Loudoun County may be ideally suited.

Where to start:

The “Get Me Started” kit contains the 3 foundational products perfect for everyone; a cleansing oil, a probiotic toner, and a nourishing face cream. Natalie's favorite kit is the “Graceful Aging” kit and adds, "It's time we stop the outdated "anti-aging" marketing, as we are all aging.” Their market disruptor is their multi-award winning natural deodorant fittingly called “The Best Deodorant” that contains zero aluminum which has been linked to Alzheimer’s. Overall, the best approach to skin care starts by asking what it is hungry for.

For more info on products visit the website.

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