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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The Right Strategy and Board Leadership to Create Long-Term Value   January 2017 

 Forward-Looking Statements  2  Forward‐Looking StatementsForward‐looking statements in this presentation about Sevcon’s product development and sales growth are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those we anticipate. In particular: global demand for electric vehicles may not grow as much as we expect; our customers’ products may not be as successful as those of other entrants in the electric vehicle market who are supplied by our competitors; economic instability caused by Britain’s changing role in the European Union or other factors may affect the pricing of our products and may cause customers to delay, decrease or cancel purchases; we are dependent on a few key suppliers and subcontractors for most components, sub‐assemblies and finished products, and we may not be able to establish alternative sources of supply in time if supplies are interrupted; we have a small number of key customers whose loss would adversely affect our results; customers for whom we are currently engaged in engineering design projects may not contract with us to manufacture and sell the products being designed; and our worldwide operations are subject to the risks of international trade, including, without limitation, regional economic downturns, exchange rate fluctuations, and changing laws, regulatory practices and tariffs. Before making any investment decisions regarding our company, we strongly advise you to read the section entitled “Risk Factors” in our most recent annual report on Form 10‐K which can be accessed under the “SEC Filings” link of the “Investor Info” page of our website at www.sevcon.com. We undertake no obligation to publicly update any forward‐looking statement, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as may be required by applicable law or regulation. 

 Capitalizing on the Opportunity  3                     

 What We Do  4            CONTROLLER    Battery  Motor      +  -                    CHARGER              Sevcon is a world leader in power electronics and controllers for on‐road applications, building on 50+ years of history with off-road applications 

 SEV Applications/Markets  5  Historically supplied products for industrial applicationsMoving quickly to target a wide range of custom applications for highly-engineered lower-volume on-road marketsUsing a flexible and adaptable technology platform across a family of products (re-usable logic engine)  SEV Targets:Sports CarsBuses/TrucksFork Lift TrucksMotor CyclesUtility VehiclesIndustrial Applications    High volume applications are generally standardized with more competition and lower margins.  

 6  Growing Blue Chip Customer Base                                                 

 Electrification and the Future  7  Today is the inflection point for electric vehicles – the market is growing exponentially  The market is ready to shift to a new paradigm without internal combustion systems thanks to technology improvements and the declining cost of batteries  Overlapping forces are driving:Lithium‐ion batteries continue to get 10% cheaper every yearTightening emissions regulations and environmental awarenessElectrification technology allows best-in-class performance 

 Forklift Trucks*: Average sales of Electrified Industrial Trucks based on IDTechEx survey and Industrial Truck market data for current year.All Trucks and Buses*: Objective data based on OICA, MAN and US Government findings; % electrification based on detailed customer indication.Sports Cars*: Average sales based on OICA data; 2022 sales forecast from Autocar and Motor Magazines and from supplier feedback; % electrification based on current market feedback and customer indications.*Number of components/vehicle based on Sevcon’s current projects.   Projected Market Value for Electrification ($M)  8  2019: Euro 6 into effect 

     Our Customers Face A Variety Of Challenges In TransitioningFrom Internal Combustion Engines To Electrification                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  9 

   Every electric drivetrain has three core components:Batteries and motors are commodities with 20% margins, but the controller engineering challenges are complex and offer attractive margins and a high return on investment  The ChallengeToday: The market for controllers is fragmented and no supplier offers a cost effective, integrated electric drivetrain solution  10  The Electrification Challenge 

 Advanced engineering skillsPower electronics, real time control, variable speed drivesBusiness and industry specific knowledgeContacts at all levels in the customers baseDeep understanding of product design cyclesThe mixture of industrial and on road cyclesExperience of the interacting systems on the vehicleChargers, inverters, DC:DC and safety systems  Leveraging SEV’s Capabilities to Meet the Challenge  11  Meeting the Challenge 

 The Solution: Investment in Customization for Long-Term Rewards  12  Cost (Actually Earned Value) 100%0%  Time            Alpha 1Rough idea Of the product  Alpha 2Key functions working  BetaAll features implemented  Field test98% complete  SOPStart Of Production Doesn’t move!    Fixed time period   Suppliers who make customized components can take the cost risk of the design alongside the manufacturer, which raises costs and lowers profits for several years but produces reward based on high margin component in production phase.                 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  +                  

 The Board plan is to proactively invest in Engineering.As we have added engineering resource, we gain the opportunity for substantial increases in stockholder value.  13  The solution: Engineering Investment 

 Benefits of Bassi addition  Bassi was a strategic acquisition to access charging technologyPart of the integrated system approach requires such technologyProject pipeline contains charging opportunityWhen answering customers requests for quotation, chargers was our Achilles heel.As a consequence of acquiring BassiWe have been able to address further pipeline opportunitiesWe added to an existing program, $40M of additional backlog Bassi opens up infrastructure charging opportunitiesSome of the Bassi portfolio allows us to address infrastructure charging Fast, DC Chargers supplied by Bassi are another substantial opportunityUtilities, OEMs, Municipalities and Oil companies all desire such products   14 

               Luxury automotive manufacturer of high-performance sports cars  Custom Gen5 Size 9 Motor Controller  A-1: Q1/2 2017A-2: Q3/4 2017B: Q1/2 2018C: Q2/3 2019    Production Duration:5 Years Spares Demand:+ (10 Years)  $40M    Leading international supplier of commercial vehicles and transport solutions  Custom Gen5 Size 9 Motor Controller  C: Q1/2 2017Software: Q3 2016    Production Duration:6 Years Spares Demand:+ (10 Years)  $26M    Leader in stabilizing technology for yacht and commercial marine industry  Custom Gen5 Size 4 Motor Controller  B: Q1/2 2017    Production Duration:6 Years Spares Demand:+ (5 Years)  $15M    Manufacturer of electric motors for automotive applications  Custom Gen5 Size 2, 4, 9 Motor Controller  A: Q1 2017B: Q2/3 2017    Production Duration:7 Years Spares Demand:+ (10 Years)  $85M    Manufacturer of pure electric vehicles  Custom Gen5 Size 9 Motor Controller  A: Q2 2017B: Q4 2017C: Q1 2018    Production Duration:5 Years Spares Demand:+ (10 Years)    CUSTOMER I  CUSTOMER IV  CUSTOMER III  CUSTOMER II  Expanding On-Road Pipeline  15    Description of OEM  Milestones (SEV Fiscal Year)   Expected Production Start Date  Production Duration + (Spares Demand)  Application  Forecasted Production Sales          Q2 2020          Q1 2019          Q2 2017          Q4 2017  $80M  $26M  $15M  $85M  These are engineering design projects that include nonbinding terms for the manufacture and sale of products in the customer’s discretion if the design phase is successful. The information above represents the customers’ and Sevcon management’s current expectations of results if and when the customers decide to produce vehicles that include Sevcon’s components.  CUSTOMER V          Q2 2018  $40M 

 16  Committed Board Nominees to Drive the Business Forward  Glenn AngiolilloDirectorBoard Member since 2013  President of GJA Management Corporation since 1998  Matthew BoylePresident and CEOBoard Member since 1997  President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company since November 1997Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Company from November 1996 to November 1997  Matthew GoldfarbChairman of the BoardBoard Member since 2016  Chief Restructuring Officer/Acting Chief Executive Officer of Cline Mining Corporation since 2013Served as Chief Executive Officer of Xinergy, LtdHelped lead, as a board member, the $1 billion sale of Pep Boys (PBY) to Icahn Enterprises in February 2016 for in excess of 100% premium to unaffected share price of PBY  William KetelhutDirectorBoard Member since 2011  Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors from January 2013 to December 2015Served as president of several business units of Invensys plcServed as President of Control products at Honeywell International  Walter SchenkerDirectorBoard Member since 2013  Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors from February 2016 until July 2016Principal at MAZ Capital Advisors since 2010 and was a Principal at Titan Capital Management from 1999 until 2010  Dr. Marvin SchorrDirector EmeritusBoard Member since 1951  Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors from January 1988 until January 2005  David SteadmanDirector Board Member since 1997  Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors from January 2005 to January 2013President of Atlantic Management Associates, Inc. from 1988 to 2009  Paul O. StumpDirector Board Member since 2005  President and Chief Executive Officer of Telequip Corporation from 1997 to 2007, and Consultant to Telequip Corporation from 2007 to 2009Vice President of Engineering of Crane Payment Solutions from 2010 to 2013Chief Executive Officer of Chromata LLC, a manufacturer of color night vision products since September 2014  Experienced Board of Directors 

 A clear choice: Your Board of Directors  Our Board developed our strategic plan with input from premier consultants with deep industry knowledgeBoard of Directors and management are demonstrating strong success in plan to invest in engineering resources to capitalize on on-road opportunitiesSevcon is growing its impressive on-road development pipeline, resulting in increasing total expected production revenueOur Board has demonstrated Sevcon’s capital-raising ability with two recent, successful offeringsSevcon’s management incentives are closely aligned to stockholders via meaningful equity ownership  17 

 18  Sevcon has six independent directors, all of whom are experienced, highly qualified and committed to delivering shareholder valueThe Board proposed annual elections to declassify the directors’ terms providing more accountability to stockholdersThe Board is not static. We added four new Board members in the past three years, replacing five members  A Clear Choice: Your Board of Directors 

 Not in the best interests of Sevcon Stockholders to Elect Ryan Morris and his Nominees  Based on their firsthand experiences with Ryan Morris, as both a director and employee at Sevcon, the entire Board believes Morris would mismanage our operations and disrupt the businessHe was removed as Executive Chair by the unanimous vote of all other directorsMorris appears only to want to churn your Board to gain effective control The veto power held by his four nominees as directors will create the potential for continual stalemateMorris has presented no business strategy other than what your Board implemented in 2013 – before he joined the Board – and is executing successfullyYour Board perceives that Morris’s public statements continually exaggerate his influence on Sevcon’s successes and continually misstate the directors’ interactions with himBased on Morris’s apparent operational track record, your Board’s unanimous view is that he is unqualified to manage the Company and would have a major negative effect on Sevcon:In 2015, Morris had to issue a public apology to Aberdeen International and withdraw a proxy fight and litigationAt Lucas Energy, the stock price dropped 78% during Morris’s tenure as a directorMorris’s “activist” history is rife with controversyMorris/Meson holds 14.5% of Sevcon’s outstanding shares, not 20%His public disclosures exaggerate his voting power/legitimacy  19