The Pros and Cons of Marketing on YouTube

Marketing is all about weighing out the Pros and Cons of the best way to attract your target audience as well as to increase them. This is more so regarding social media, in particular, YouTube marketing. While the saying is “any attention is good attention” may ring true it is not beneficial for the long run if you do not stick to landing. However, there are also Pros and Cons when it comes to marketing your YouTube videos.

Pro: You can get your content to a wider audience so that they can see how good you are at it. As well as to get your products further out there, increasing your sales, interactions, or just YouTube views.

Con: It requires a lot of time or a good idea to make people want to watch what you put out.

Pro: A YouTube video can give your brand more legitimate as well as show people what you are about instead of having them just read it or look at still images of it.

Con: Finding the right audience will take time, effort, and marketing know-how.

Pro: It can be fun to create.

Con: Burnout is a common occurrence with YouTubers. Therefore, plan well and make sure you do not overdo it.

Pro: You can cross-promote on other social media sites.

Con: You have to stick to their rules as well as sound human. The latter is not difficult to do but it may become so when you are targeting multiple sites with the same post. Every post should be different while getting the same message across.

Pro: You can end up becoming your own boss.

Con: It takes a lot of effort and time, with little growth in the beginning.

Pro: You can buy YouTube views just to give yourself a boost to get noticed with the algorithm since it is a hard nut to crack a lot of the time.

Con: Purchasing views too often will make you look suspicious. Therefore, it should only be done at the beginning if at all.

Pro: Tags can help you be discovered when people are searching for something.

Con: Tags require research to know which ones are trending, and they have to be changed around.

Pro: You can interact with other YouTubers to help cross-promote them as they do the same for you with collaboration. This can, possibly, help you gain some of their audience.

Con: It can be a challenge to find like-minded YouTubers at the beginning. And certainly, those that want to work with an “unknown”.

Pro: It is worth the effort when your channel takes off.

In Conclusion

There are many Pros and Cons to marketing on YouTube. If you want to grow your channel it will take time, a marketing plan and a lot of effort. The thing is to keep at it. There are methods to help you grow such as a virtual assistant from “Yes Assistant” who can give you organic marketing. You can also buy views (only at the beginning), and keep to a regular upload schedule. However, the most important thing is to know what you want to post and to make it high-quality.

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