YouTube Marketing for the Modern Day

YouTube has changed a lot since it first hit the internet waves. It is no longer a happy-go-lucky site with poor quality videos. Instead, it is a massive platform with amazing content at every turn. With the change in YouTube came a change in how to market videos. No longer is it people just making funny videos for their friends and hitting the views jackpot. Nowadays, one has to have a marketing plan if they want to make it on YouTube.

The Content

While marketing is important it means very little if the videos are not of good quality. High-quality videos that offer an audience something either be it entertainment, education, or a combination of both are what people look for when they want to watch something online. Therefore, you should have a plan for what content you wish to make. And you should also plan when you want to upload. Scheduling can help grow your YouTube views since people will learn when you post your content and they can look forward to it. You should also plan how to make your thumbnails since this is the first thing that people will see. Making it eye-catching while still getting across what the video could be about is the way to go.

TTS- Tags, Title, Sharing

When handling marketing your YouTube videos you can keep in mind TTS- Tags, Title, Sharing. Tags are important since they work the same way as SEO and keywords. This means that these are the words that people are searching for. Knowing which ones to use can help boost your videos to a wide audience, maybe even turning some of them into subscribers.

The title of your video is as important as the tags. The thing is if you use good tags but your title is weak then people may not click on your video. Make it short, clear, and attention-grabbing. However, be careful not to fall into “click-baiting” territory. Click baiting is when a title says one thing but redirects the audience to something else. It is a trick that people are not fond of this, and they quickly figure it out. This can hurt your reputation since you would have lost the trust of the people you are attempting to target.

The main thing with titles and tags is that they should be Google friendly. This can help you fight against the algorithm that is often tricky and ever-changing. Another thing you may consider is to buy YouTube views to also help combat the algorithm. But only do the latter in the very beginning as a slight boost, to get people to notice your work.

And finally, share your videos. Sharing across social media platforms can be the way to go. This can help drum up interest and you can target more like-minded people such as members of certain Facebook groups. Plus, you can extend your reach as well as show that there is a human behind the channel looking to do some good.  However, let your channel develop and grow naturally and enjoy the ride.

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