Tomorrow’s Consulting 2.0 Revitalizes The Industry

Consulting is something that every business has to do. It is best to be done outside of the house since you will get an objective, broadened, and “out of the box” perspective on how to make your business work better. However, the time in the consulting world is changing due to the limitation of Covid-19, besides the changing landscape of globalization. Hence, they, like the rest of the business world, have to adapt, which is why many consulting firms are beginning to turn towards the methodology of Consulting 2.0.

Why Change The Methodology?

According to Hassan Fadhil Al-Shama, Founder and President of HYLMAN and Consulting Centrale, “the stress of working day and night sometimes has determination and ambition side effects” when it comes to consultants who have been working non-stop for years. While their numbers may be up, their quality would suffer. They begin to want more flexibility and independency, but often do not have the luxury or tools to be so. However, it is forcefully changing with the notion of remote work and globalization, making everyone interconnected now more than ever. As well as allowing consulting firms to be able to connect with more diverse professionals around the world. Through his analysis on Consulting Centrale, Hassan Fadhil Al-Shama also mentions that “[Consulting 2.0] can be made with artificially intelligent and smart technology.

As indicated by Hassan Fadhil Al-Shama in his piece on Tomorrow’s Generation Corporate Environment, combining the old ways of consulting with new technology, a company and its consultants would be able to improve their results since they would be working for themselves, besides having more time to focus on the quality of the consulting without necessarily increasing their numbers to earn a paycheck.

Why Change It Now?

As explained by Hassan Fadhil Al-Shama on his “about me” page, “jump on the train, it’s never too late, for that if it was missed, you will need to wait at the train stop for the next train that will, maybe, come.” Now would be a great time to change to Consulting 2.0; due to Covid-19 with more and more businesses opting for their employees to do remote work. As well as consulting firms who can save money since they would not need to fly people out, pay for accommodation, or incur other additional expenses.

These latter points would often lead to leadership issues as well as other complications. Plus, even with months of hard work put into an expensive project, the clients may still not be happy with the result. Using Consulting 2.0, the consultants would be able to do the task at their own pace allocating more effort towards the clients’ needs. Besides, companies would ensure best quality consulting given their power of rating each consultants’ work.

With smart technology, they can be a blend of local and international talents who are no longer restricted due to locations, travel, or domestic socio-politics. As well as being able to diversify inputs regarding cultures and different methods of working. This could allow for a more concrete outcome. Consulting 2.0 can be a vital play to make now and shortly.

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