Outsourcing Technical Support State Going into 2021

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According to Forrester, COVID-19 has a significant impact on the global psyche. Going forward into 2021, firms will have to reprioritize the customer experience in accordance with what the client wants. This will mean a careful evaluation and streamlining of departments to ensure a more cohesive experience.

Forrester predicts that around 25% of firms adopting this model will achieve statistically significant results. Will your company be one of them, or will you be left behind?

This post looks at outsourcing technical support and how it can help you create statistically significant improvements in 2021.

The State of Technical Support Leading Into 2021Outsourcing Technical Support

In Forrester’s latest CX predictions, they mentioned streamlining departments. Partnering with a technical support BPO or IT service specialist is a highly effective method of doing so, but there are many other benefits to consider.

The Benefits of Hiring a Technical Support BPOOne Point of Contact for Clients

The pandemic highlighted the importance of simplifying our lives. Even before the epidemic, consumers expected firms to be reachable on their terms. Going forward, companies must provide clients with a simplified contact structure.

Outsourcing your technical support provides customers with one point of contact and delivers a consistent brand message. BPO firms handle:

  • Calls
  • Emails
  • Ticket Requests
  • Social Media Messages
  • Text
  • Instant Chat

The client experiences consistency across all methods of communication.

Professional Service

Delivering outstanding customer service relies on a wide range of factors. Professional service starts with people who have strong interpersonal skills. It’s easy to acquire product knowledge, but it takes time to develop a pleasant, professional manner.

Firms that genuinely want to excel in this area must consider the overall experience for the customer. This entails aspects such as:

  • Speed of response and resolution
  • The tone of the consultant’s voice
  • The language that the use
  • Asking thoughtful questions
Saves Time and Money

By hiring a BPO provider, you don’t have to bear the burden of the costs of managing a customer contact department. This helps reduce hiring issues, training expenses, and overheads.

You have a team of highly-trained technical specialists on call within a few short steps. You don’t need to interview new employees, train them, or ensure they’re productive during off-peak periods.

Provides 24/7 Support

When clients have a technical issue, they need support immediately. The longer they go without assistance, the higher their frustration levels become. 24/7 support provides them with a solution when it’s convenient for them.

Multi-Lingual Support

If your company operates across international borders, it makes sense to offer assistance in several languages. Clients appreciate being able to communicate in their home language. More than that, it makes it easier to avoid misunderstandings and resolve queries faster.

Multi-lingual support plays a vital role in improving customer satisfaction for companies that operate on the global stage.

Access to Inbound and Outbound Support

Reputable BPO providers do more than simply answer calls. They also provide outbound services at your request. You may use these services for marketing campaigns, ensuring customer success, conducting research, and various other purposes.

Flexible Solutions

Your BPO provider helps you to scale up your business cost-effectively. You pay only for the capacity that you use. Should you wish to increase support due to increased call volumes, it’s easy to accomplish.

Downgrading your capacity is equally simple and far easier than having to retrench employees.

Increased Productivity

Outsourcing technical support has one final unforeseen benefit – it allows you to improve your office’s productivity. Your employees won’t be interrupted by a succession of support calls. While the service you choose will refer the more complicated queries to your employees, the simple questions that people ask hundreds of times never make it to your office.

Your employees can focus on more important tasks, improving office productivity.

Partnering With the Correct Firm

It’s crucial to select the company you’ll be working with carefully. Choose reputable firms with a well-established reputation. Their specialists will become the face of your company, so consider testing their services too.

Warning signs that the company is a bad fit include:

  • Offering a one size fits all solution: A professional firm will sit down with you and discuss your business. They’ll want to help you assess the capacity that you require.
  • Not offering services to help you grow your business: While we’ve focused on in-bound support here, 2021 will see an uptake in clients requiring proactive action from brands. It’s no longer enough to sit around, waiting for the customer to call you.
  • Providing overly simplistic call quality monitoring tools: At the very least, the company should allow you to monitor all levels of interaction with your clients. 2021 will see clients increasingly annoyed with providing feedback. Firms will have to get creative to get the information that they require. Listening in on calls will become a valuable tool.
Final Notes

Going into 2021, technical support is entering a new era. Partnering with a reputable BPO provider allows firms to streamline their operations, cut costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

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