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MOBI unveils latest Home Clinic Devices and Bundles for New Push into Telemedicine

In a world where convenience meets necessity, MOBI is proud to unveil its latest innovation: the MOBI Home Clinic line of products.

(PRUnderground) May 16th, 2024

In a world where convenience meets necessity, MOBI is proud to unveil its latest innovation: the MOBI Home Clinic line of products. Designed to empower individuals with accessible solutions for health and wellness within the comfort of their homes, MOBI Home Clinic redefines the concept of self-care.

One of the key benefits of being able to monitor one’s vitals at home is the ability to detect any potential health issues early and seek timely medical attention. By using the MOBI Home Clinic devices, users can track important indicators such as blood pressure, pulse oximetry, temperature, and glucose levels, and receive alerts if they fall out of the normal range. This can help prevent complications and improve outcomes for chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. Moreover, monitoring one’s vitals at home can also provide peace of mind and reassurance, especially for those who are at risk or have limited access to healthcare facilities. Users can also share their data with their doctors or caregivers remotely, enabling better communication and coordination of care. The MOBI Home Clinic line empowers users to take proactive steps towards their health and well-being, without compromising on convenience or quality.

With the ongoing global shifts in healthcare dynamics, MOBI recognizes the importance of fostering well-being beyond traditional medical settings. The MOBI Home Clinic line addresses this need by offering a comprehensive range of products aimed at monitoring, managing, and enhancing personal health.

“At MOBI, we believe that everyone deserves easy access to tools that promote well-being,” said David Naghi, President of MOBI. “The MOBI Home Clinic line embodies our commitment to empowering individuals to take charge of their health journey, regardless of their circumstances.”

The MOBI Home Clinic line features an array of cutting-edge devices and solutions, including:

Smart Health Monitors: Seamlessly integrated with the MOBI Smart App, these devices offer real-time monitoring of vital health metrics.

Telemedicine Assistive Devices: facilitate remote consultations with healthcare professionals, enabling individuals to receive expert guidance and medical advice from the comfort of their homes by taking primary measurements and gathering data on symptoms.

Health Kits: Tailored to individual health goals and preferences, MOBI’s health kits bundle essential tools and resources for targeted health improvement, ensuring a holistic approach to well-being. MOBI offers kits specifically developed for patients with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, in addition to other common use cases.

The launch of the MOBI Home Clinic line underscores MOBI’s commitment to democratizing access to health and wellness solutions, empowering individuals to lead healthier, happier lives on their own terms.

About MOBI Technologies Inc.

MOBI Technologies Inc. is a consumer health and home electronics brand committed to elevating the consumer experience around digital living and wellness monitoring for all ages. Through intuitive, easy-to-use solutions and Home Health Tech kits, MOBI inspires smart living while catering to comfort when you need to manage and monitor vitals. Our award-winning home health portfolio is ever-growing, and today includes smart thermometers, blood pressure monitors, oxygen meters, nursery and room management solutions (smart cameras, door/window sensors, lighting control for wake/sleep/downtime, etc.), and other smart choices for convenience and peace-of-mind. Learn more about how MOBI can support your health management from home with tailored, trusted devices that can be easily added to and managed via a single app as you move through life’s ages and stages. Explore our innovations at

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