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Goal Digger: New ADHD App Uses AI To Revolutionize Setting and Achieving Goals

GoalDigger has just announced the launch, a groundbreaking app designed to revolutionize goal setting and achievement experience focus and productivity by rewiring the brain in the meantime. Available now on iOS and Android platforms, Goal Digger aims to support individuals, especially those with ADHD, who struggle to stay focused and achieve their goals. As the company continues to develop and improve the app, they are actively seeking investors and support to further enhance its capabilities.

Goal Digger ADHD App

"Goal Digger is not just an app; it's a complete system developed over the past year, comprising multiple complex elements to help users set and follow through on their goals," stated Vitaliy Lano, the app's creator and a hypnotist with a decade of experience in self-discovery and self-improvement.

Lano learned that he had ADHD at the age of 37, which inspired the creation of Goal Digger. His personal journey and understanding of the challenges faced by individuals with ADHD underpin the app’s development. "Our mission is to help individuals with ADHD, among others, to achieve their goals by leveraging the latest technology and a deep understanding of human motivation," Lano expressed.

Goal Digger app features an intuitive goal-setting process, asking the right questions to ensure users' goals are aligned with their values and motivations. "We designed this app to help users clearly define and clarify their aspirations," Lano commented.

The app breaks down goals into manageable daily tasks, categorized as one-off, daily, weekly, or monthly. Users receive task reminders and notifications, along with daily motivational affirmations to keep them on track. "By breaking goals into smaller tasks, we make them more achievable and less overwhelming," added Lano.

Goal Digger also has a streak feature for tracking progress and offers visual feedback through charts and progress bars. "Visualizing progress is crucial for maintaining motivation and seeing tangible results," Lano noted.

An integrated journal feature allows users to link entries to specific goals, helping them reflect on their experiences. "This feature helps users turn both good and bad days into positive learning experiences, ensuring they stay committed to their goals," expressed Lano.

With advanced AI integration, Goal Digger provides personalized feedback and motivational stories through open Ai integration. "Our AI delivers tailored advice, making the journey to achieving goals more engaging and personal," Lano suggested.

The app also includes calendar integration for task scheduling, along with custom reminders and notifications to suit individual user needs. "We wanted to ensure that users have all the tools they need to stay organized and focused," Lano stated.

Goal Digger is designed for a mass audience and is available at an introductory price of $6.99 per month for unlimited usage for the first users. "We didn't want to create a small app; we wanted a comprehensive system seamlessly integrated to bring all these features together," Lano added.

Vitaliy continues to explore user experiences and encourages users to provide feedback and suggestions for improvements. "We're committed to growing and supporting our users, and believe Goal Digger will change the lives of millions," Lano concluded.

Goal Digger is now live and available exclusively in English-speaking countries. Users can test the app with a three-day free trial to fully understand the comprehensive features being offered. "We want users to experience the full potential of Goal Digger before committing to a subscription," explained Lano.

The app which can be found on both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, is designed with a minimalist, retro aesthetic. Goal Digger ensures a user-friendly experience focused on productivity rather than distraction. "Our design is intentional; it’s all about helping users focus on their goals without unnecessary distractions," Lano commented.

Lano acknowledged the presence of some initial bugs and emphasized the team's dedication to enhancing user experience. "We are committed to continuous improvement and highly value user feedback to make Goal Digger even better. I strongly believe that the Goal Digger app will change the lives of millions. We will grow and support those who provide us with valuable feedback."

For more information about Goal Digger, visit the Goal Digger's website.


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