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ZTE 5G Pioneers the Future with 5G-Advanced Innovations

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The ZTE Corporation has long been a leader in the telecommunications industry, and its work on 5G and 5G advanced technologies is one of the most important aspects of its reputation. Let's look at how their innovative applications in different sectors have set the stage for an intelligent, connectivity-powered future.

Enhancing Spectator Experiences with ZTE 5G at the Asian Games  

The 19th Asian Games were held in Hangzhou from September 23rd to October 8th. Due to the sheer number of athletes, coaches, and fans in attendance, additional steps were necessary to ensure that mobile phone signals would be available.

Through careful planning and expert deployment, the ZTE Corporation was able to provide high-quality and consistent service throughout the area where the games were played. Additionally, many exciting and interactive opportunities were available to guests designed to enhance their enjoyment of the event.

These included 8K broadcasts of live video, allowing the audience to see more of the proceedings from a closer range. Expanded reality (XR) features and 3D services were also provided that were completely glass-free.

This was made possible by ZTE's innovative Reconfigurable Intelligent metaSurface (RIS), which increases signal coverage and quality. The system uses reconfigurable metamaterials to control and redirect electromagnetic waves through superior coding.

The power to direct the waves allows coverage blindspots in outdoor areas to be easily removed. It also improves reliability and ensures that each customer can access the same high-speed internet, whether on the floor level or in the upper deck's top row.

The system also had the highest bandwidth possible, which enabled the network to reach download speeds of 25 GB per second. Even more impressive was the fact that over 100,000 users were able to access this high-speed, reliable network at the same time during the games.

ZTE 5G Drives Digital Transformation in Industrial Productivity  

ZTE 5G also revolutionizes industrial productivity through its ability to provide ultra-reliable connectivity. An excellent example of this is the work done on behalf of the Wuhan Iron and Steal Corporation (WISCO), one of the largest metalworking companies in the world.

The 5G coverage provided by ZTE at WISCO's corporate sites allows for many innovations, including greater digitization and automation. In essence, WISCO has one of the most advanced Smart Factories in the world today. 

Before the collaboration with ZTE, WISCO had issues with employee retention. Their factories were hot and dusty, and safety risks from falling steel made some potential workers reluctant to join the company.

However, after ZTE revolutionized the factory, WISCO and its employees couldn't be happier. Two of the most dangerous aspects were drastically changed: the large, overhead traveling crane and the transportation of extremely hot molten iron.

Under the traditional system, at least one worker must be physically on the equipment to operate it, which can be very dangerous. However, ZTE's automation and digitalization procedures allowed this heavy machinery to be operated remotely from a control room, representing a massive improvement in safety.

The project involved 25 steel applications in six scenarios that improved the company's health and safety, quality control, environmental and energy usage, production control, intelligent logistics, and digital equipment management.

The result was a much more efficient and profitable plant. After the overhaul spearheaded by ZTE technologies, WISCO experienced a 19% increase in productivity and a 23% reduction in labor costs.

Additionally, WISCO's carbon emissions were reduced by 750,000 tons, and its energy consumption was reduced by a full 10%. The project represents another major achievement by ZTE in its ongoing mission to fight global climate change wherever it can.

ZTE 5G Expands New Potential Business Opportunities

Another important application of ZTE 5G-Advanced technologies is the ability to break through barriers to communication and support the creation of potential new business opportunities. The city of Suzhou and the recent implementation of its new smart transportation is a prime example.

Suzhou is quite large, with a population of approximately 6.7 million within the city limits and over 12 million in the metropolitan area. The city is estimated to have over five million vehicles, which results in monumental amounts of traffic. 

The ZTE Corporation established a 5G-based vehicle-road-cloud integrated vehicle-to-everything (V2X) network for the city. This allows for autonomous vehicles, commonly known as "self-driving cars," and provides enhanced traffic intelligence. 

Instead of building an expensive V2X network for the city, ZTE was able to integrate these systems on standard, preexisting 5G networks. 5G's inherent high bandwidth, fast speeds, and low latency made this possible. Thanks to the existing high coverage, control stations can be set up at strategic points. 

Today, Suzhou has 162 kilometers, or just over 100 miles, of V2X-covered roads available for self-driving cars. By 2025, over 1000 more kilometers (600 miles) are scheduled to be constructed in the area. Thanks to the 5G advanced technologies made possible by ZTE, the city is the autonomous vehicle capital of the world.

ZTE 5G has committed to continuing to improve technology for the benefit of consumers, businesses, and society at large. These three examples from the past year demonstrate the lengths the corporation will go to ensure everyone can enjoy quality, high-speed telecommunications. They believe that everyone, regardless of location, should be able to access excellent 5G networks.

These are just a few examples of ZTE 5G solidifying its place as a global leader and pioneer in the telecommunications industry. Between enhanced consumer experiences, industrial productivity, and societal development, the ZTE Corporation continues to use its strengths to ensure high-quality service for citizens worldwide.

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