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Multinational enterprise WTQ Company is coming strongly

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WTQ Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2019. The group is headquartered in Colorado, USA. It is a leading global (APP program) promotion company and is committed to building a powerful APP program ecosystem (APP program) for Google.

Provide promotion and APP ranking services for thousands of APP merchants in the Google ecosystem. WTQ are committed to providing simpler and better APP experience and feedback to global users. Provide professional promotion and user feedback services to major APP manufacturers.

Development History of WTQ Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

At first, WTQ Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. recruited full-time employees to perform this work, but the efficiency was low, there was a serious shortage of personnel, and the high employee salary expenses were not proportional to the benefits. It is also difficult to recruit personnel due to the impact of COVID-19 and the strict control of national policies. Later, the company's board of directors decided to adjust the company's operating model and recruit part-time employees to work. The situation gradually improved.

Later, with the continuous popularization of 5G technology and the rapid development of the Internet economy such as artificial intelligence, a broad market environment was created. WTQ Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. relies on such a market environment to develop efficiently and rapidly. After years of intensive development, WTQ has service branches in 25 countries and regions around the world, and has core offices in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, the Philippines, India and other places. Team members come from different countries around the world, just to better serve the world. 6 global core offices, 50,000+ employees, Internet companies in 30+ countries, through the efforts of WTQ Group, 100,000,000+ users have gained a pleasant experience and after-sales service from the APP.

With the rapid development of WTQ Group, WTQ has also received support from well-known investment institutions such as BlackRock Group and Fidelity Group, strengthening WTQ's team and contributing to WTQ's global strategic layout. Going further, WTQ plans to negotiate listing matters with major partners in the United States in 2025.

WTQ European Market Branch

The WTQ branch entered the European market in November 2023. The WTQ branch is a wholly-owned independent company registered in the United States and is independently operated by the "WTQ" European branch. WTQ Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has a grand vision and strategic plan. Just to build the world's leading Internet promotion and service company.

WTQ European branch has long-term strategic partnerships with some world-renowned APP merchants. Major partners include “Tik Tok, Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat”, etc. The main business is to provide professional promotion and user feedback services for major APP manufacturers in the Google ecosystem, and is committed to serving and promoting the applications of major APP manufacturers. Let APP manufacturers' applications develop rapidly under the promotion of WTQ and better serve the public. The company mainly focuses on a series of matters such as market APP manufacturers, download rate, click rate, APP ranking, etc. Actively respond to the market needs of APP manufacturers in various countries, actively respond to the development of Internet employment and the needs of the European market, and bring new employment and investment to the European market, and provide public employment opportunities.

Advantages of WTQ company platform

1、Online and platform services: Solve the promotion and feedback problems of APP manufacturers. APP manufacturers are free to choose to publish promotion indicators for their APPs.

2、With the help of WTQ's system intelligent distribution solution, WTQ can achieve efficient and fast work efficiency, maintain invisible interaction with employees, and greatly increase employee stickiness.

3、Complete tasks faster and do not require too many processing skills. The rules are simple and direct. The initial weight distribution of tasks is consistent and fair. The recommended allocation process is adjusted according to business indicators.

4、Income is high and transparent, competition is fair, and job stability is guaranteed.

5、Clear marketing positioning.

Employees at WTQ Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Currently, there are more than 1 million online part-time employees working in WTQ around the world, all of whom rely on WTQ's system intelligent allocation processing.

The purpose of WTQ Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

As a comprehensive service platform, it serves the promotion and feedback of global APP manufacturers. Suitable for individual entrepreneurship and team win-win. At the same time, it provides a variety of business categories to choose from, task updates, and round-the-clock online support from management to ensure employee stickiness and employee experience!

7*24 hours online customer service to provide users with answers anytime and anywhere!

Share ideas, give responsibility, use dreams as the source, and jointly create a better future.

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